Thursday, 9 February 2017

Titoki Team Newsletter - Term 1 - Week 1

Titoki Team Newsletter
Term 1 Week 1
9th February 2017

Welcome to the Titoki Team 2017.  We are so excited to get underway with learning and have loved meeting our new children, as well as catching up with our ‘old’ families.
Meet the Teacher
We would like to invite all parents and caregivers to our meet the teacher evening on
Thursday 23rd February at 6.30pm.
Come directly to the Titoki classroom where we will have a 45 minute presentation about life in our class, routines and what to expect in the coming year.  At 7.15pm all parents can then go to the hall for a welcome from our Principal Sheryl as well as a word from Board of Trustees Chairman Michael Harper.

A few things to think about:
In this hot weather, children need a bottle of water.  A good trick is to put in the freezer the night before, then wrap it in paper towels and put it in a plastic bag in the morning.  The ice will melt during the day leaving children will a lovely cool drink to sip. 

Please pack a change of clothes in the bottom of your child’s school bag.  If they have any need, we can the help them get changed.

Hats are compulsory in Terms 1 and 4.  Children who do not have a hat are restricted to playing it the shade during breaks.

Maths to begin this term is all about Capacity.  We would like children to bring a container from home (eg: plastic bottle or box of interesting size or shape) which we will be using to investigate filling and measuring.

Family Photo Please send a recent photo of your child with their family.  You can email it to or hand it in to us before or after school.

We are always on the hunt for Ice-cream containers and Newspapers and small boxes (not bigger than a cereal box).  If you have a collection lying about home, please drop them off to us when convenient.

We are very much operating as a team who work collectively for your child.  Please don’t worry too much about “Guardian Teacher”. You are very welcome to speak to any of us and if we haven’t been working directly with your child lately in that area, we will point you in the direction of one of us who can better answer your question.
We are always available to talk before and after school, or can be contacted by email.

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