Thursday, 23 March 2017

Newsletter - Week 7 - Term 1

Titoki Team Newsletter
Term 1 Week 7
22nd March 2017

Learning Conferences
It has been so good to meet many families for both Learning Conferences and Six Week Checks. We are proud of the children who have been able to take some ownership and talk about their learning.
Please remember that we are always happy to make a time to discuss your child’s individual needs. Feel free to email or speak to us to set up a time.

Introducing Tabitha
We are very lucky to have another student teacher working in the team.
Tabitha Kaye is a 2nd year student from AUT who is spending 4 weeks in our class. She is originally from the Isle of Wight in the UK but has been in NZ for a number of years. We look forward to helping Tabitha on her journey into teaching.

Autumn Inquiry
We had a terrific day last Tuesday beginning our Inquiry investigation into Autumn.  The children came up with some brilliant questions for us to investigate.  The children have begun collecting interesting items about autumn to put on our Inquiry table and we would love to add more things to provoke thinking. 

Ice cream containers
We are on the hunt for used ice cream containers.  Preferably 2L with the lid.
They are very handy for storing and sorting.

The Titoki Team are going to go on a visit to the local Kelmarna Gardens to further our Autumn study.  We will send more details as they come to hand and will be asking for parent help as we will be walking the short distance.
Kind regards,
Lorraine, Kate, Victoria  Gabe and Tabitha

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