Thursday, 9 March 2017

Newsletter - Wk 5 - Term 1

Road Safety lessons
This week we are having a series of lessons from police officer Constable Rob. He is at school to teach the children about road safely.  During the four lessons, children have the chance to learn important road rules as well as identifying hazards when walking around the streets.

On Friday afternoon (weather permitting) children will take a walk around the local area to put into practise what they have learnt. If you are able to come along and help, please email
Learning Conferences
On Monday 20th & Wednesday 22nd are Learning conferences. School closes @ 12:40pm on the Monday. There are 2 different formats for Team 1 depending on when your child started school.
·       For children new this term they have a 6 week check.  The meeting is for parents and teachers only. We will organise meeting times with parents.
·       For children who have already had their 6 week check (started school last year) this is a ‘3-way-conference’ in which children attend along with their parents and teachers to discuss current goals and future learning.
Bookings for those children who are having a 3-way-conference can be made via the School Interviews website, which you will have been emailed the details of.

Kind regards,
Lorraine, Kate, Victoria and Gabe

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