Thursday, 10 August 2017

Titoki Term 3 Week 3 ending 11 August

University of Auckland student dance
We are very lucky to have 6 dance students come in and teach our children elements of dance for the next two weeks. They are working with the theme ‘diversity’.   

Mini Art Exhibition
Your children each have a fantastic piece of art displayed in mini art exhibition. Please come and have a look at all the amazing artworks in the hall either before or after school.

Self-managing Sharks
We are continuing to talk about our children becoming ‘self-managing sharks’.
Part of this is being responsible themselves for bringing in their book bags Monday –Thursday as well as bringing in their library bag and poem folder on Friday. We have noticed that there are a large group of students that have been forgetting these.

Do you have these items?
Titoki Iti are on the hunt for paper towel tubes and brightly coloured wool. If you have any at home please bring them into Lorraine in Titoki Iti so they can use the for an exciting art project. Thank you!

Kind regards,
Victoria, Kate, Lorraine and Ashleigh

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