Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Titoki Team 1 - Term 4 Week 6 ending 25 November 2017

Swimming – Weeks 8 & 9
The Junior School have their swimming lessons Monday to Thursday for two weeks on Week 8 and 9. These lessons start on Monday the 4th December and finish on Thursday the 14th of December. The children will need to bring their togs, swimming cap and goggles every Monday to Thursday and all of the Year 1 Titoki Team will need to be dressed in their togs ready to go.

Titoki Iti will get dressed in their spaces later on. 

Some swimming lessons go over the school break times, however these children will be getting their break either before or after their swimming lessons.
The children will be going in their guardian classes.
Depart school
Arrive back at school
Rm4 Team 1
Rm5 Team 1
Rm6 Team 1
Rm2 Team 1
Rm1 Team 1

We will need 3 parents for each guardian class to help us. Please sign up on the swimming timetable hung next to the normal parent help roster in each learning space if you can help.

The children will be hungrier after all this exercise so please pack extra food for them. Remember swimming caps and goggles are compulsory. If your child does not have a cap, they will not be able to swim in the pool.

Parent Help
Our normal parent help mornings will be out of action during swimming times. However we need extra parent help every afternoon Monday – Thursday from 1.30 to help with our reading programme.

Junior School Athletics Day – Friday 24th November @ 9.15am
We have our Junior School Athletics Day this Friday. Save day is Monday the 27th of November at the same time. Children will need to be in their learning spaces for the roll and then we will meet up on the top courts.
If you would like to be a parent helper with any of the events, please let your respective teacher know.
Children will need to have a drink bottle, appropriate footwear, layered clothing (something warm and something they can take off if it’s hot) as well as a hat.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Discovery Afternoon
Titoki are going to be having a ‘discovery afternoon’ on Tuesday 28th of November as part of our inquiry. The children will be bringing home a ‘plan’ of what interest they would like to talk about next week and we would appreciate it if you could take the time to go through their plan and help them organise anything they will need to bring in or find out.

Box Modelling
Thank you to everyone who has brought in boxes and odd and ends for Fabulous Friday. We don’t need any more boxes however, we would welcome any donations of masking tape as we go through this very quickly!

Kind regards,
Victoria, Michaela, Kate, Lorraine and Ashleigh

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