Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Titoki Team 1 - Term 3 week 2 ending 4 August 2018

Welcome to our new children to Titoki Iti.
Welcome back everyone to the start of an exciting term ahead.
We trust you all had a restful break and are ready to head back into the swing of school rountines! It sounds like some children had some amazing experiences during the holidays.  They have enjoyed telling us all about them.

Dance Students
This week we will be welcoming some dance students from University of Auckland.  They will be coming to teach us dance moves for two hours a week for the next three weeks and building up a small dance sequence.  We are looking forward to having fun while learning some new skills with them.    

Child Responsibility
As we are into the second half of the year we are hoping that children are becoming more self-regulated and responsible with their belongings. We are encouraging the children to hang up their own bags, bring in their book bags etc ready for the day. Also taking care of putting away shoes, extra layers, notices and other belongings into their bags throughout the day.  This is something you can promote with your child, it would be greatly appreciated.

Poem Folders & Library Book Bags
We have noticed that a lot of the children are not bringing their Poem folder and Library book bags to school each week.  Every Friday we learn a poem for the children to take home and share, so it is very important that their poem folder comes to school in time for this. 
Unfortunately we can not let the children take books home from the Library unless they have their Library book bag. It is very disappointing for children when they would like to choose a book to bring home but we have to say no. 
The school office has a small supply of these in the office so please call in and see her if your child needs a new one.  They are $3 for the small ones and $5 for the libray bags.

Learning Conferences

Coming up in week three on the 8th and 9th of August we have learning conferences scheduled.  It is a great opportunity for you to come in to school and have your child share their learning and successes with you. Please remember, that these are child-led and child focused. Any big concerns will require a separate meeting or email. We look forward to seeing you there.

School Art Exhibition

Thanks to those parents who have helped frame some of our art! We still need some help with this so if you have a spare moment please feel free to pop into our space to frame J

During week four we have the Bayfield Art Exhibition.  The children have chosen  three of their own magnificent artworks which will all be displayed in the hall. It is a great opportunity to come along to school and see what amazing art is going on, and some of the artistic skills that children have been learning about.  We have been working towards this all year and are really excited for the opportunity to share our amazing work.

Many thanks
Ashleigh, Kate,  Louise,  Michaela,

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